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Mark Hudson, Cardiff City FC Captain and Marc Eckley, CEO of Fullcircle Total Facilities Management, visited little Jack last week to make sure that the deserving boy received a happy welcome-back greeting after a long hospital stay.

Having recently embarked upon several charitable projects, Fullcircle has teamed up with Dreams and Wishes to fulfil the dreams of seriously ill children. A month ago, Fullcircle stepped in to help Jack by building his dream treehouse. After receiving a big, homemade thank you card from Jack in the hospital, something struck a chord with Marc. After being told Jack was finally back to his home after spending a difficult time in hospital due to his illness, Marc was thrilled to see Jack’s recovery and surprise at seeing his two favourite visitors. Last week, Mr. Eckley and Mr. Hudson visited Jack’s family to host a welcome back greeting and birthday party for little Jack. The brave young boy was excited to meet Marc and Mark again and had fantastic time with these two special guests in his new treehouse, built by Fullcircle, playing football and learning some new skills. Mr Eckley said: ‘I was delighted to see Jack back from hospital and having fun in his cherished tree house. I hope this special play area will bring joy and happiness to the whole family.’