The Fullcircle Foundation has recently been working hard to build 10 year old Phoebe Taylor a Playhouse fit for a princess. Phoebe, from Llandough, always wanted her own space to invite her friends over for tea parties and when the Fullcircle Foundation heard that the playhouse she’d been built wasn’t up to scratch, we sent a team of builders to refurbish and redesign her ‘tea-party pad’.

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Pheobe's Playhouse

Upon assessing the site, the Fullcircle team found that the current condition of the playhouse made it unsafe for a young girl like Phoebe; the roof was collapsing under the rain, the doors and windows wouldn’t open or close and the wooden walls weren’t sanded down properly. As well as this, the floor was unstable and damp; hardly a place Phoebe could entertain her friends. Phoebe has fought a long battle with serious illness so we felt she had earned something much more special than what she currently had.

For the refurbishment, it took a team of four people three days to get the playhouse up to standard and all it cost Phoebe’s mum Zoe was a few cups of tea. Amongst the works that the Fullcircle team completed were re-attaching the doors and windows and ensuring the lock works well so that Phoebe doesn’t have to put up with grown ups interrupting her parties. We also installed a new roof internally and plastered the internal walls so that it’s a safer environment for children to play in compared to the hazardous wooden wall.

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Upon hearing that Phoebe’s passion was nature and wildlife, the Fullcircle Foundation chose a new befitting carpet and had our resident artist Joanet to paint a mural on Phoebe’s wall. Sadly, Phoebe’s condition means she cannot play outside too much as it can irritate her skin, so her mum suggested the nature theme would allow her to appreciate the scenery without being put at risk. The nature themed mural has brightened up the room; the butterflies, plants and ladybirds make it the perfect décor for young Phoebe. By now, the playhouse is finally ready to be used and Phoebe is ringing her friends and arranging her tea parties as we speak.