Kilimanjaro Challenge 2013

Why we’re Fundraising
When children are faced with battling serious conditions, their lives are turned upside-down. Not only do they have to face the prospect of their own mortality – a heartbreaking thought – but they also spend much of their time in and out of hospitals putting up with several treatments from injections and scans to chemotherapy and, in some cases, amputations. Imagine going through such pain and heartache at such a young age; having to live such an abnormal life compared to your friends. These times are tough for the parents too; having to watch their child fight a condition that may end up taking their lives. Dreams and Wishes provide opportunities for children and their families to free themselves from the pain, heartache and stress of their situations by arranging to make the child’s dream come true. They provide events, gifts, meetings and many other opportunities where the children and their parents can enjoy themselves outside of the burden of their conditions as well as giving them lasting memories.

What We’re Doing
Several members of the Fullcircle Team and a Nation radio host tacked the ominous Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2013. The team's 'Charity Champions' trained to embark upon the climb in order to raise money for The Fullcircle Foundation which has been set up to work directly with children's charity, Dreams and Wishes.

  9 days of intense trekking with the aim of ensuring all members of the team reached the true summit 'Uhuru Peak'. An inspirational member of the team, former Paralympian John Harris, will be ascending the mountain in a specially designed wheelchair. John’s numerous successes include:

  Winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Paralympic Medals
Taking part in five Paralympic Games
Torchbearer for London 2012
Inducted into Welsh Sports Hall of Fame
Awarded the honour of giving the athletes oath, an accolade that was special to him at the time and remains so today.