About Fullcircle Foundation

The Fullcircle Foundation is our way of utilising our experience and resources to help others. We have made it our responsibility to invest those resources wisely and ethically in keeping with the culture of our organisation. We are partnered with Dreams and Wishes, an organisation that is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seriously ill children and their families.

How It Began
It was approaching Christmas day in 2012 when 8 year old Iestyn Middle awoke to find all the gifts he’d received had been stolen from under his tree. In 8 years, Iestyn had already battled two brain tumours, meningitis and now his Christmas had been taken away from him. It was Iestyn’s tragic tale that caught the attention of Fullcircle FM Ltd’s Managing Director, Marc Eckley, and inspired him to put an end to the young boy’s string of bad luck. The Fullcircle team worked tirelessly to redecorate Iestyn's bedroom, providing new carpets, furniture and painting a mural of his hero Batman on the wall. Seeing Iestyn's delight at his new room and bringing some joy to his family at last made Mr. Eckley think more seriously about what the company could do for those in need, thus, the Fullcircle Foundation came to fruition.

Our Mission & Values
The Fullcircle Foundation aim to invest more than just money, but our time and effort, to help and support individuals directly.

Our Work
Using the finances, labour force and experience that we have gained over the last 10 years, the team is now determined to serve more and more cases like Iestyn and hope that we can work 'together for caring'. Having carried out extensive research into charities across England and Wales, the Foundation has chosen to work directly with Dreams and Wishes, a fantastic organisation that is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seriously ill children and their families. The Foundation's first fundraising mission will be the massive feat that is a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2013 with former Paralympian John Harris.

Further information and details of how to support The Fullcircle Foundation /Dreams and Wishes can be found by following us on Twitter @Fullcircle247 / @DreamsWishesOrg or click our Facebook page to keep updated about the work the foundation is taking part in.