16 August 2013
16 August 2013, Comments Comments Off on NEW FACES AT FULLCIRCLE

ElizabethRecently we have welcomed two new faces to the office, firstly, Elizabeth Evans, who has taken over as Marc’s Personal Assistant. You may remember a few months ago Carly Spillane took this role on however there has been a recent shuffle in roles, as Carly was given the responsibility of being PA to the Electrical Manager. This means Marc’s ever growing schedule needed someone new to organise and Elizabeth was the one chosen.  With a history as a Retail Manager, Elizabeth is used to taking responsibility over other people and has a strong work ethic.

  The interview was far from easy, in searching for a PA, Marc used intensive interview techniques to test her ability to organise, structure and multi-task. Clearly, Elizabeth made an impression as she won the role. After accepting the job, Elizabeth said she was
looking forward to “working in a fast paced environment and being challenged daily” Fullcircle has lived up to her expectations so far and we welcome her and the support to Marc and the team which Elizabeth will provide.

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