30 November 2012
30 November 2012, Comments Comments Off on LET THERE BE LIGHT!

704515_309515872497183_1134979665_oFullcircle have completed their refurbishment of the Goleulong 2000 Lightship in Cardiff Bay.  Albert Einstein once said ‘A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it’s built for.’  This is certainly true of the lightship, which is now used as a floating Christian centre and place of worship.

A fully registered charity, the LV14 includes a chapel, kitchen and café which, with the help of Community Funding Resources, has been full refurbished by Fullcircle.

The ship is now a unique and perfect place to worship, eat and drink, serving many afternoon specials and wholseome, locally sourced winter menus.
Fullcircle has redesigned the interior of the boat to ship-shape standard – Managing Director, Marc Eckley stated ‘Myself and the team were thrilled to present a cheque for £2126.00 to the chaplaincy after seeing the excellent work that the Lightship carries out and the values it promotes.  This is something exciting that we have greatly enjoyed, applauding our Building and Refurbishment team for the hard work they have put in.’


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