23 November 2013
23 November 2013, Comments Comments Off on KILIMANJARO CELEBRATION EVENT 2013

On Saturday 23rd of November, the fullcircle Foundation hosted their latest fundraiser at the Holiday Inn Cardiff to celebrate the charity champions’ success in conquering Africa’s highest mountain. The sold out event was a huge success and saw us raise over £1500 for the Dreams and Wishes charity through ticket sales, the raffle as well as a generous donation from our supporters at Barclays, who donated an additional £750 to to our pot.

  The evening was hosted by charity champion Lee Jukes who kicked off the night with a presentation on his experience of climbing Kilimanjaro with the team. Attendees to the event enjoyed the impressive spread put on by the Holiday Inn while ‘Jukesy’ presented photos of the climb as well as the radio interviews he and Marc gave whilst in Tanzania. The highlight of the night was the award ceremony in which each of our climbers were awarded a trophy and their Kilimanjaro certificate by ‘Queen’ Elizabeth Evans. The results of the awards were as follows:

Biggest Hypochondriac: Ellie ‘Greece Lightning’ Karystiani

Most Patient: ‘El Toro’ Emma

Biggest Drama Queen: ‘Jukesy’ Lee Jukes

The Mile-High Club Award: ‘Jelly Baby’ Deb

The “It’s been done by a 68 year old and it’s been done in a wheelchair, but it hasn’t been done by a 68 year old in a wheelchair” Award: ‘Handsome’ John Harris

The Underdog Award: ‘Mollycoddled’ Mairead McGoldrick

The Utility Belt Award: ‘Mad’ Marc Eckley

Best Doctor: ‘Mad’ Marc Eckley

Best photo Opportunist: ‘Mad’ Marc Eckley

Most Glamorous: ‘Queen’ Elizabeth Evans

The Chairman of Dreams and Wishes, Tony Curtis, then gave out his own awards to the team for their extraordinary efforts. Tony also gave out two additional awards, one to Marc for his efforts for the charity and his outstanding fundraising and the second award to John in recognition of his achievement in conquering Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair. Upon finishing the award ceremony, our very own Grounds Maintenance Manager Grant Rustici took to the stage to play with his band ‘The Lips‘. All the proceeds from the night have been added to our total so far and our total onjustgiving, where we continue to raise funds for our Kilimanjaro campaign, has reached £26, 563.50.

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