28 January 2015

Drink Command, with the help of Fullcircle Total Facilities Management, has come up with an innovative, new method of providing Singha Beer to Manchester United season ticket holders, as part of their sponsorship package.

Manchester United is one of the most successful football teams in English Football and has a huge worldwide following. The stadium is packed for every home game and their 19 hospitality suites are fully booked 2 years in advance. The club prides itself on offering a great service to its members and supporters to thank them for their continued dedication to the team. With the help of the club’s sponsors they try to give them something back in return for their support.

Singha is the official beer of Manchester United, and a mainline sponsor. Since 1933, Singha Lager – famous as “the original Thai beer”- has been quenching the thirst of beer drinkers all over the world. One of their aims is to create the best drinking experience for customers.

Revolutionising the way a traditional bar works, Drink Command and Fullcircle have provided free standing self-serve bars, dispensing Singha, in a number of Manchester United’s hospitality suites.

This novel approach offers both Manchester United and Singha’s valued customers the freedom to pour their own beer, with the added advantage of not having to queue at the bar. Fullcircle designed and built the units to hold the Drink Command technology and then installed the Self Pour Mobile Beer Wall Units.

The bars are the first of their kind to feature in a football stadium in the UK. The system has been fully approved by MNO and Trading Standards and conforms to responsible drinking practices by limiting the amount poured per customer per hour.

Richard Cousens, Customer Services Director at Fullcircle, explained, “we are noticing that these innovative methods of serving drinks are becoming more popular as hospitality establishments look to improve the overall customer experience.  Here at Fullcircle we have been working closely with Drink Command, Singha and Manchester United to perfect the experience for the customer. After each game we have been analysing the concept and offering suggestions of ways to get the most out of it. The results are clear, as consumers become more familiarised with how the bar works, the more and more they use it.”

Fullcircle is a trading name of Three Nations Ltd and has over 25 years experience providing drinks dispense services to the hospitality industry nationwide. The drinks dispense department offers a wide range of services to supply, install and maintain a range of draught dispense solutions. As a forward thinking company, Fullcircle are constantly ahead of the game with new and inventive ideas; such as the self-pour bars.

If you would like to find out more about self-service bars for your establishment or any of Fullcircle’s other services then please take a look at our website www.fullcircle-tfm.co.uk or call 0845 177 0846.

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