23 January 2013
23 January 2013, Comments Comments Off on GAME, SET, MATCH FOR THE GROUNDS MAINTENANCE TEAM

Dinas-Powys-Lawn-Tennis-ClubThe GM and Landscaping team at Fullcircle have ventured into new territory, undertaking the re-composition and maintenance of tennis courts at Dinas Powys Lawn  Club.  The club, founded in 1901, has always had the view that although the playing of tennis should be the primary aim of the club, there should also be a social side, and this vision continues today.  This makes the condition of the club’s resources, especially its courts, of paramount importance to its management team.

Three of the courts at the club had unfortunately had their drainage impeded by compacted infill, rendering them unsuitable for use.  The club were quick off the mark to ensure this was rectified by calling upon Fullcircle’s services.  To ensure the courts were restored to their glory and safe to use, the Fullcircle Facilities team first attended to dispose of the sand and apply a developed algae treatment to prevent future problems.  The Grounds Maintenance team then stepped in, distributing a fresh infill and levelling the courts off to make for a Wimbledon worthy court!

To add a few more strings to the Fullcircle bow, the team has since been asked to rectify flooding of the Astroturf at Willows High School, Cardiff.  The pitch, used regularly by not only pupils of the school but local members of the sporting community, had flooded due to compacted infill.  This led to a significant amount of sediment laying on the surface, causing a high risk slip hazard and an unusable pitch.

As the use of the Astroturf is central to the school’s sporting development, Fullcircle worked quickly and efficiently in this specialist area to ensure that all sorts of teams could regain their usual practice pitch.  The sand based infill was  removed and disposed of according to the Fullcircle Waste Management Policy.  Algae treatment has been applied and fresh infill imported and brushed level.  Of course, no Astroturf would be complete without its markings!  Once the pitch had been levelled and deemed fit for use, a laser guided line marker was used to set out the guidelines for a number of sport specific pitches and courts.

Fullcircle are very pleased to be able to boast this type of work and hope to undertake more and more contracts of this kind in 2013 and onward into the future.

– See more at: http://www.fullcircleltd.co.uk/latest-news/fullcircle-sink-their-teeth-into-reactive-maintenance-contract-2.html#sthash.2rJQTP6o.dpuf

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