28 August 2013
28 August 2013, Comments Comments Off on FULLCIRCLE LAYS THE GROUNDWORK

Capital Tower2013 is a huge year for Cardiff. Already, St. Davids 2 has turned the city into a major shopping destination, the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff City Stadium have welcomed world famous acts and played host to massive sporting events. With all the new traffic coming in and out of the city, more work is required to repair and maintain the city’s architecture.

fullcircle has been doing their bit by redeveloping our valued client Capital Tower. Situated in the heart of the city centre, Capital Tower is within walking distance of both Cardiff Central and Queen Street Railway Stations as well as Greyfriars Road; a key stop on the city centre bus network. Being in a prominent location means the Tower gets a lot of footfall and as such, sustains a lot of damage.

Recently, the reactive team at Fullcircle Facilities Management Ltd have been completing works on the external paving surrounding the tower. Due to the effects of time, the paving around the building had sustained a lot of damage.

The walkway around Capital Tower has recently been updated as part of the Council’s work however this left a distinct contrast against the older paving bordering the tower. Amongst the trouble our team found at the location was cracked paving, missing tiles and general decay. Over a ten day period the Reactive team completed an exhaustive process to replace the paving. Using specialised equipment, the team began by digging up the original paving stones, excavating the ground and flattening it for the new layer. The newer, modern stones are specifically designed for urban development to create a distinctive and inviting environment for Capital Towers.

For more information on Capital Towers visit capitaltowercardiff.com

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