25 May 2013

Having recently embarked upon several charitable projects, and being in the process of setting up their own children’s foundation, Marc Eckley, CEO of fullcircle, and John Harris, public speaker and former Paralympian, visited hospitals across Wales to give Easter gifts to children suffering with illnesses and to give support to their families.

During their visits, Marc and John came across a young boy by the name of Jack.  The two chatted to Jack about his hopes and desires and discovered that his ultimate wish was to be able to have adventures in his very own tree house: a ‘den’ built in his garden so he could play, learn and get close to nature all at the same time.

The charity Dreams and Wishes works closely with ill children such as Jack, working to fulfil their dreams.  Having been introduced to Jack by the charity, Fullcircle decided that building Jack his tree house would bring joy and happiness to the whole family during this harrowing time.  fullcircle therefore took the opportunity to help by supplying a full team of operatives required to build the outstanding and intricate tree house in under a week.South Wales Argus May 24 2013

The fullcircle team worked tirelessly to erect the structure, with a team of up to six staff members working on the tree house every day, all free of charge.  Upon seeing his new, grand hide-out, Jack cried with delight, as did his family.

Marc Eckley said ‘it was fantastic to see the reaction of Jack and his family.  Our team of operatives were practically in tears themselves!  We hope to continue to support children and families in this way across South Wales, working closely with Dreams and Wishes to do so.’


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