NDC and Logistics

Fullcircle National Distribution Centre occupies a site covering some 40,000 square feet. Within this area we house our customers’ equipment and sort and segregate trade returns for either onward transportation back to the customer or on to our refurbishment facility.

We are responsible for the procurement and distribution of customer’s equipment, the management of all items is controlled by our electronic stock system (Stock Logic) which identifies stock at the NDC, Regional Business Units and Technicians’ vehicles. All distribution is completed via our own in-house transport.

The NDC distributes thousands of pallets a year and our drivers cover tens of thousands of miles annually. Use of our own personnel and logistics means that, despite our high annual mileage, we are carbon friendly as our vehicles are always fully utilised with either goods out or goods returned.

We aim to be able to provide to all customers a complete ‘One Stop Shop’ of which equipment procurement, storage, delivery and re-manufacture are all key elements.