BeerSaver is now EXCLUSIVELY available from Fullcircle.

BeerSaver “ where technology meets tradition”
When you install BeerSaver technology in your cellar you will immediately see the benefits!

With BeerSaver you will no longer have to clean your beer lines so often and you won’t need to pour all that precious and expensive beer away so often either!

So that’s an immediate benefit. Don’t worry the quality of your beer will not be affected by using our technology. It has been scientifically proven, please see the link below, that compared with weekly cleaning regimes, cleaning monthly with BeerSaver installed, will not compromise the quality of your beer.

We have many customers who share the same story, and that is, they have all saved noticeable amounts of money on an ongoing basis by installing our technology.

In the current economic climate utilising “relevant” technology to improve margins is a vital part of any business plan.

Time, it’s something we seem to have less and less of these days. Well, BeerSaver can definitely help here. Imagine only having to clean your lines once a month! (based on a conventional weekly clean) instead of every week? No doubt there are plenty of other things you would rather be doing than cleaning beer lines!

Our Beersaver technology is fully patented and has been scientifically proven by The International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at The Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. If you would like to read the report click the link below.The system has been developed and tested in the field and the laboratory over a 10-year period. Introducing this technology into your outlet can eliminate 3 out of every 4 cleans on your draught beer lines.That’s a 75% reduction!


So just what does the technology in the BeerSaver Box do?

The patented technology used in our BeerSaver product has been scientifically proven to extend the cleaning period. It achieves this in two ways, which are created by and controlled the equipment. These parameters are unique to the technology in BeerSaver.

  • The magnetohydrodynamics [MHD] of the fluid flow is controlled by the technology to maintain the suspended solids in the fluid and reduce the rate of deposition of microorganisms onto the inner pipe surface along the full length of the pipe from barrel/keg to the beer tap. It is on the inner pipe surface where Biofilm starts to grow.

  • The specific patented parameters in the system are responsible for inhibiting the growth of the bacteria [Bio Film].

  • This combination also reduces the food available for those that manage to exist. This unique combination of effects enables BeerSaver to provide long and reliable periods between conventional cleaning times.

The actual equipment consists of a flexible and lightweight coil embedded in the wall of the flexi beer pipe running from the keg connector to the fob detector. The coil carries a very low intensity radio frequency profiled current to generate the stabilising conditions in the beverage line. The voltages and currents are at levels that are completely harmless and are produced and controlled by our state of the art electronic control box which is mounted on the cellar wall. All our equipment is CE certificated.