Line Cleaning

Fullcircle have developed a system that has proved beneficial to customers in terms of time and expense when carrying out line cleaning. The responsibility for this function is taken on by us, allowing our customer free time for other activities.

Using our system, the cycle for cleaning can be extended from the industry standard of once every seven days to a revised timescale of up to once a month. This can generate significant savings to the customer (dependent on systems and tap numbers) from reduced product pull-off during the cleaning cycle as well as the time saving generated each week.

This service has proven successful and is gaining in popularity. We offer free installation of the system and one month trial for customers to assess suitability, reliability, and benefits in terms of savings.

Line cleaning cash savings projections
See how much you could save…

  • Number of taps?
  • Pints per line?
  • Average price per pint?
  • Weekly savings = ?
Costs of providing the service equate to an average one week’s product draw-off during cleaning. Average saving to the customer equates to two weeks’ product draw-off per month.

For example:

  • Ten taps
  • Each line holding three pints
  • 2 value of £3.00 per pint
  • Weekly savings = retail value of £90
Carried out over a four-week period, cost would be £360 product loss (retail value). With fullcircle providing the systems and service, cost to the customer would be £90 product draw-off plus a £90 labour fee, once per month (on average), leaving a saving to the customer of £180.

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