Cellar Management Training

Staff training on Drinks Dispense and Cellar Management is an area which, in many cases, is understated and the importance misunderstood.

Key to the successful sale of all draught products starts with the correct management of the product and upkeep of the systems and cellar, following through to the actual method and means of serve to maximise the number and quality of the drinks sold.

Many staff are shown the art of the pour but few understand the means to the end. This can result in quality issues and loss of profit.

fullcircle will structure a Cellar Management Training program for you and your staff. Numbers of delegates will be agreed to provide adequate attention to each attendee.

The course will cover off as much or as little as your business needs. We usually run these over a half or full day session dependant on depth and content of the course. This would be agreed upfront with you.

As a guide the courses offered cover:

  • Cellar Management
  • Stock rotation
  • Line cleaning
  • Cellar cleanliness
  • Equipment use
  • H&S Dangers of CO2
  • Cellar cooling
  • Cask Beer
  • Care and storage
  • Racking
  • Venting and sale
  • Keg Beer
  • Care and storage
  • Difference between Cask & Keg
  • How to pour & present
  • Glasswasher care and use, glasses.
The above is only a guide and the course would be built around your requirements and level of staff knowledge. If you would like further information or would like to discuss or book a course, please contact us.