12 August 2013
12 August 2013, Comments Comments Off on CHANGE IN CHARITY CHAMPIONS

As the Premier League season approaches, it seems the talk of injuries and transfers is becoming just as prevalent in the team of Fullcircle Charity Champions. As we’ve previously announced, we have Lee Jukes joining us from Bridge FM and Nation radio. Since our announcement Lee has been pushing the campaign on his radio show and has some interesting plans for the future. ‘Jukesy’ as he will be known (we resisted the temptation of calling him ‘Jukebox’), has finally got his Charity Champions cartoon to join the rest of the team.

As well as the addition of Jukesy, we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to two of our original members due to medical issues. Dawn ‘you with me’ Bishop and Simon ‘Mr. Motivator’ Deacy have both been advised by their doctors not to take part in the climb due to existing conditions. Dawn suffered an injury during a recent training event and has had to pull out to avoid further damage. Both Charity Champions will continue to support the campaign from the comfort of the UK and their work so far has been vital to the Fullcircle campaign.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Having recently taken over the role of Reactive Manager, Ellie ‘Greece Lightning’, as we’ve dubbed her, was offered a place on the trek during her interview, which she immediately agreed to. Ellie is a fitness fanatic and runs a tight ship in the Reactive Maintenance department at Fullcircle, so she will likely be ahead of the pack up Africa’s highest mountain. Another team member will be joining us soon so keep an eye out, in the mean time take a look at our updated justgiving page here and donate whatever you can!

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